Why Synergy?


Happiness is not in earning more money or having more wealth. Happiness is in achieving your life's dreams, fulfilling the promises you have made and having peace of mind. That's the driving principle for us.

Lets look at a piece of very basic math…

Say Mr Commoner and Mr Synergised both invest Rs.5000 per month for 20 yrs and lets assume Mr Commoner achieves a return of 10 % compounded on his investments and Mr. Synergised achieves 12 % compounded. So what would be the outcome after 20 yrs?.

Who do you want to be? Investment P.M

Total Investment  (20 years)

Rate of Return Fund after 20 years
Mr. Commoner Rs. 5000/- Rs. 12 lacs 10% Rs. 37,96,884/-
Mr. Synergised Rs. 5000/- Rs. 12 lacs 12% Rs. 49,46,276/-

Well, Mr Synergised gets an astounding Rs.11.5 lacs more !!! that is 30 % more than Mr Commoner. That's the driving principle for us.

The extra 2 % or so doesn't come very easily…it comes from Good Understanding of various Investment options available, Projecting and Covering Risks, Right Timing and Implementation of the investments and last but most important Discipline and Patience in Investments…This is the process that we follow religiously for our clients. Our 6 years experience in the Financial Products and Services space enables us to follow the same.

Our clients Goal Fulfillment and Financial Success are the core driving principles for us.

We believe in a relationship model with our clients which is based on the depth of knowledge, field experience, sensitivity to client needs and above all, on transparency, trust and integrity.

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